Is Samir Attalah with Amway & WWDB?

Samir Attalah was born in Egypt, and he came to United States (U.S.) in 1979 to pursue the great life. And, he overcame all the challenges despite what people said. Samir was a very successful business man before he was involved with World Wide Dreambuilders also known as World Wide Group. He owned many businesses […]

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Christopher Travis

Christoper Travis was a good friend of us all. Unfortunately, he gave up too early in life. It was an unfortunate incident and I pray for his family. Although, I don’t condone his action at University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), I would like to take this time to comment that we have lost a […]

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Why is Samir Attalah so successful in Amway?

Here are some reasons why Samir Attalah is successful in his Amway business: *Samir Attalah is a Godly person *Samir Attalah is a family man *Samir Attalah does the right thing *Samir Attalah has a servant’s heart *Samir Attalah is committed to his business and God’s people *Samir Attalah thinks outside the box *Samir Attalah […]

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