Who is Ty Tribble?

Who is Ty Tribble?

Ty Tribble

Many of you have asked me about Ty Tribble and how he is connected to me. Apparently, he was in my business for a short while because he didn’t want to be teachable and he was stubborn. And, to be honest, Ty Tribble is an unstable guy. I devoted my time and money to help him and his wife but the guy just won’t do what World Wide Dreambuilders/Group teaches.  After careful consideration and praying, I had to give my time to others that are willing to listen and learn. My decision was based on many factors, the main reason why I distance myself from Ty was that his heart was never in the business. It was all about himself; Ty was a self-promoter. He was into “get rich quick” kind of business. Well, I was not into that because I build leaders to build other leaders. After his failure, Ty tries to belittle my image by creating bogus blogs about my wife and I, making false statements. According to him, “…Samir has 500 people in his business.” Well,  to be honest, my wife and I mentor millions of people around the world. 500 is inaccurate and too short of our goals. In addition, Ty Tribble tried (and continue to do so ’til this day) to start his own multi-level marketing (mlm) business by partnering up with Bo Short and Scott Larsen. They all claimed to be multi-millionaire through their new business venture but according to my research and intel, they keep switching their company name and recreating new ones as mentioned on http://www.thetruthaboutamway.com, “Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again“. Unbelievable. Lastly, Ty claims to be an internet guru and a successful business man. Many business ‘leaders’ would agree that SUCCESS is not just about making money; it’s about how many lives we’ve touched and the difference that we have made for the world. Hope that clarifies the curiosity and feel free to contact me via “Contact Us” link. Thank you and God bless.

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  1. peter says:

    #samirattalah #tytribble Samir, thank you for explaining more in detail about Ty Tribble. I know Ty personally, and he’s not what he say he is. In a matter of fact, he also tried to side track me from building my business.

  2. Mike says:

    I was in business with Ty Tribble his tacktics is steal people from other businesses and that is why I left his deal. After awhile his failure was very obvious to anyone knows common sense .

  3. dreamer says:

    you got my interest and I searched the truth about Ty Tribble and I was shocked of how many multilevels he has been in .The thing that very obvious is how he put great people down and some of them I know personally. you attract of who you are.

  4. Perry Kelly says:

    I’m glad I came across this. I worked with Samir for many years in the business. I was not a good fit with Amway/WWDB because I have a different dream however I will always remember Samir and Theresa and the time they spent with me and my wife in a positive way. Samir drove many miles for my business even though he didn’t ultimately profit from it and when he gave advise, it was what he thought was best for both of us… not just himself. Regardless of my experience with Amway/WWDB I will always remember Samir as a friend who showed me respect as a person first. Ty needs to just move on and be a better Ty… God Bless, Perry

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